At FiberScrumptious, we recognize everyone has a different opinion on what is considered healthy. We strive to create a yummy option bearing this in mind.

What do you look for when you want something healthy? 

  • High fiber?
  • No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, or flavorings?
  • Clean ingredients?
  • Low calories?
  • Low fat?
  • No cholesterol?
  • Low Sugar?
  • Convenience?

Posts from our FiberScrumptious Fans:

(testimonials from previous Organic Mini Muffin version)

"tx for sharing these yummy muffins! i ate my serving  of 4 throughout the day as mini-snacks, enjoying the 4th one just before dinner - i ate much less than normal!  so, i am quite pleased with losing a couple of  pounds as well!"


"We are “addicted” to the high fiber, low calorie, scrumptious Lemon White Chocolate Chip Muffins. We stock them in the freezer and share a box each morning with coffee! Most of all, we love Ashley and her Family!!"

Jim & Carolyn

"Nice meeting you at the Whole Foods market today. Thank you for a healthy muffin with high fiber and no white sugar or flour. Look forward to having with my breakfast!"


"love, love, love your food!!! Can't wait to order more!"


"I LOVE FiberScrumptious muffins! These mini-muffins are delicious and so convenient! I travel for work and I take them with me! I take them out of the freezer and throw them in my carry-on, then put them in the fridge when I get to my destination. That's SUPER convenient for me and I know I will always have an awesome breakfast.'s great to know I'm supporting a local business!"