Ashley A. Peng
Founder, FiberScrumptious


Hello! My name is Ashley Peng. I love fiber! More so, I love food that is delicious, high in fiber and healthy, a combination that you also may have noticed is not easy to find in stores.

I was diagnosed with IBS in 2002 and it took me a while to figure out that I could improve my digestive health and fortunately, avoid medication, by incorporating high-fiber foods into my daily diet.

I was constantly in search for tasty, healthy, high-fiber products that I could eat on a regular basis. I used to buy high fiber muffins from the store every week.  I wasn’t able to buy more at one time since they 
would dry up, get stale or molded pretty quickly. They were not very freezer friendly either. It just didn’t taste the same after a couple of days. When I got pregnant in 2009, it became increasingly difficult for 
me to get to the store weekly for these muffins. One day, I decided to make my own; muffins that are not only healthy and high in fiber, but also delicious and something that I looked forward to eating. And 
that’s how my journey started.

Thank you for joining me on this journey to provide a convenient, delicious, healthy, and of course, high-fiber product that you can incorporate into your everyday diet.  

I hope you enjoy eating my muffins as much as I enjoy making them.